Instructions for applying your designer bin sticker


  • Bowl of soapy water – dishwashing liquid is fine
  • Cloths – a wet one and a dry one, credit card (optional)
  • Your new Wheeliekiwi designer bin sticker


Please clean your bin – clean and dry the surface you plan on using.  This will remove any dirt or grease which may affect adhesion of the sticker and cause bubbles.

Next wet the surface of the bin – if it is too dry, the sticker will stick immediately and you wil not be able to manoeuvre the sticker into place.

Now line up the position on the bin where you want to place the sticker.  Remove approximately 10cm or 4 inches of the backing paper evenly across the top and apply the exposed sticker.  Stand back and make sure it is placed straight and level.  If it is not, please remove and try again.  Check that the surface is still wet.

Once the sticker is applied to the top, remove the backing paper slowly.  Firmly hold the base of the sticker with one hand, slightly out from the bin so that it is not in contact with the bin yet.

Use the dry cloth (you can place a credit card inside the cloth), apply even pressure to the sticker, moving from left to right (to make sure there are no bubbles) while pulling more of the sticker backing paper off section by section.  If air bubbles appear, please smooth the sticker across to the closest edge.  Air bubbles can cause the sticker to crack over time.

Stand back and admire your new colourful bin and enjoy “Putting it out there” next collection day!